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Keeping your employees & business healthy

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We are different. We don’t sit on the fence. We’re clear, robust, decisive and fair.

Our reports state medical and health information in laymans terms. It is important that both employee and employer understand the report and how we are trying to help.

We have extensive experience in supporting small and large employers and how recommendations change based on what is realistic for an employer to achieve.

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FOHCUS Occupational Health Specialists


Occupational Health & Wellbeing Specialists

Keeping your business & employees healthy

FOHCUS works with organisations to ensure that their employees are healthy, safe and productive.

We work with a range of sectors including education, manufacturing, assembly, haulage, construction and high-tech, providing bespoke packages of care and advice, based on the needs of the employer and the requirement of its staff.

FOHCUS - Occupational Health Specialists