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Health Surveillance

We provide clients with a comprehensive health surveillance service. Each programme is tailored to specifically meet the needs of your business, subject to industry, the number of employees and the roles they have to perform. The service includes placement screening and fitness for work, statutory medicals, health risk assessments, DSE workstation assessments and drug and alcohol screening. Our health surveillance service protects both you and your employees and ensures that you have a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

Medical expert

Sickness Absence and Case Management

We are specialists in advising and supporting businesses in dealing with both short- and long-term sickness absence issues. There are many benefits to putting in place the best possible sickness absence processes including ensuring low levels of absence, helping your managers understand better how to manage ill health in the work environment and enhancing the wellbeing of your employees. Perhaps most important of all, the service FOHCUS provides will ensure that your business is fully compliant and up to date with the ever changing health-related legislation in the workplace.

Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Mental Health

Employee wellbeing is increasingly becoming an integral part of the way many organisations run their businesses. For some of the most successful companies in the UK, it is ingrained in their culture. There are many different elements to creating a dynamic and effective wellbeing programme in a business. We can offer a tailored programme specific to the needs of your workforce, one which will ensure a good return on investment and, crucially, meet your organisation’s overarching desire to develop and maintain and happy, healthy and productive workforce.